Oxus Recovery Solutions has developed patent pending technology that can collect and control submerged hydrocarbon spills such as the recent Gulf of Mexico spill.


Our engineers have already ensured that the system successfully passed bench testing and regulators are going to appreciate an entirely independent stand-by system.



Benefits of the SHRC system  


¨      Can be ready to recover leaking oil or other hydrocarbons within hours

¨      Can be self starting and continue to flow without the need for a pump

¨      Flow is controllable

¨      Can deal with hydrates

¨      Can operate at any depth

¨      Prevents sub-surface oil plumes

¨      System allows access to leak source for repair during leak collection process

¨      Minimizes installation risk and does not enclose leak source

¨      Can be shut-in and remain on station in event of surface equipment failure

¨      Cannot be tipped over, can be installed on an uneven or debris littered sea bottom

¨      Portable version can be mounted on a service vessel for speedy deployment to any hydrocarbon leak source (e.g. sunken vessels, ruptured pipelines, damaged or failed wellheads, etc.)

replacing catastrophe with control